Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August Favourites & The Awkward First Post ☯

Hello loves! This is a bit odd to start off considering I have 0 followers and absolutely no idea if anyone will ever even read this, but I've always wanted to start a fashion/beauty blog and eventually (when I stop being so scared) a Youtube channel.  I guess I'd just start off with my August Favourites (the ones you see above in the picture) + some other things I really loved last month!

This is Taylor Swift's fragrance 'Wonderstruck'. I never thought I'd love it as much as I actually do considering I'm always a bit put off by celebrity fragrances - no idea why! But this is so beyond wonderful. I'm shit at describing scents but I can make out bits of raspberry, green tea, vanilla and some musky-ness in it. 

Please excuse the terrible photo/lightning throughout this entire post. It's was really dark when I took the photos (not a smart move on my part) and I'm slowly getting better at taking photos and learning what lightning is best. I promise next post will be better! Anyway - The Fault In Our Stars is a novel written by 'John Green' - one of my all time favourite authors! TFIOS left me a blubbering tear-filled mess by the last chapter yet also cracking up out loud like a loony throughout the entire novel. I don't want to give away too much so here's a snippet of the summary "Narrator Hazel Grace Lancaster, a sixteen-year-old girl with terminal cancer, was pulled out of school at thirteen and rarely socializes with people her age. After being diagnosed with clinical depression, she joins a support group for children with cancer where she meets Augustus Waters." I really hope that you go out and buy this book because it is honestly one of the best I've ever read (and I've read quite a lot of books, so trust me - it's good.) 

This here is my baby! I purchased it from Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago and I've literally taken it everywhere! From shopping, to friend's houses, parties & just days out. I'll post some photos of polaroids in later posts. I'm absolutely obsessed with it and though it was expensive it was worth the money!

I've been wearing 'Fig Jam' which is a Revlon Colour Burst Lip Jam daily to school. It's so moisturising and build-able - I really love it. Not much else to say about it, really! It's just an overall great product.

I feel like this is a staple for me. I've owned it for a year now and it's just an all-time favourite. It's the Revlon Colour Stay Liquid Liner. It's so easy to use and extremely pigmented. I wear it loads during the weekend and for parties.

Some other August Favourites:

 * Dreamcatcher tattoos and tattoos in general! I've always known I really wanted to get inked when I turned 18 but lately I've just been so excited & sure that it's something I'm going to do. 

* I've also been listening to Marina & The Diamonds on repeat lately. She's so gorgeous and her lyrics are so interesting. Not to mention her music is catchy as hell! She's got a classic, retro style that I absolutely adore.


Alright, loves! That's it for now! Feel free to give me a follow or a comment and let me know that I'm not talking to myself, haha - alright, bye! x


  1. Hey Isabella! Welcome to the blogging world! I'm fairly new as well, I've been around for 3 months and I really enjoy it.
    I also have a Fuji Instax but mine's black, I adore taking photographs everywhere but I find the film is quite expensive.
    I took a sniff on the Taylor's Swift perfume & really liked it, but I just personally dislike her, haha. So i'd never buy it.


  2. I love the revlon lip butters :)

  3. You have an amazing blog :)
    Followed, would you check mine?


  4. Ooh I really want to get a polaroid camera! The price does put me off a little though. Lovely blog xx

  5. hi!welcome to blogging!great first post :) love the idea of a Polaroid camera seen as I never ever ever bother to get my pictures printed <3

  6. I really want a polaroid camera, can't indugle right now though, Maybe a xmas present lol!!