Saturday, September 15, 2012

Brandy Melville Haul, Making My Own Dress & Peruvian Chocolate In Its Finest ☯

Hello loves! So my Brandy Melville order finally came in the mail after 2 weeks of waiting! It was quite exasperating to have to wait so long, but it was worth it in the end. The arrow ring was $4.00 which is insanely cheap and I absolutely love it. The 'Rene Tank' is $22.00 and I know it seems very short, and that's because it is. But I don't plan on wearing it with regular jeans or shorts because then it's just a bit too much skin showing. I'd wear it with a high-waisted skirt or shorts that way it's only a bit of stomach that would peak through. The high-to-low skirt is gorgeous though it is quite wrinkled, but that can be fixed. This was $26.00 and it's a really nice Burgundy colour. I'll probably wear these soon and do an OOTD (:

Dona Pepa is honestly one of my favourite chocolate's EVER. My nonna always brings it over from Peru when she visits and I always eat it when I go as well. But I recently found out they sell it in a shop where I live and I nearly fell off my chair. 

This here, ladies & gentlemen, is my creation that I made from scratch. It was probably one of the most difficult, frustrating, and cry-worthy experiences of my life - but it was worth it in the long run! Sure it's not very detailed or amazing but I'm very, very proud of my dress and when I finished I nearly burst into tears. It was such an accomplishing feeling. 

Question: For my next post, would you rather see:
A.) Perfume Collection

Alright, bye! :) x


  1. That ring is so cute and I can't believe you made the dress, it's beautiful!

    Julia x

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  3. That ring is so cute!! Great haul! We're new followers, would love to see an OOTD for the next post! xx

  4. That dress you made is beautiful! I would buy it if it was in a shop! :) You should be so, so proud. x

  5. that dress is absolutely gorgeous! i love how that short tank top is ;) maybe a perfume collection would be nice!

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  6. I've never seen that candy before, but it looks so good!

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